How to Clean Sex Dolls?

Clean Sex Dolls

How to Clean Sex Dolls?

You should keep your sex toy clean and well taken care of if you are using a vibrator to pleasure your partner during sex. To help preserve the longevity and hygiene of your vibrator, please utilize the following guidelines only as a general guideline. Use common sense and good judgment when using these tips.

The most important rule of cleanliness when cleaning sex dolls is never to use soap or warm water. Soap and warm water will damage the delicate fibers inside your vibrator, particularly if it’s an older model. Never use these two types of solutions on porous or thin sensitive skin on your vibrator. It’s always recommended that you wash your vibrator with a mild or unscented soap and water. If you do receive a vagina rash or warts after cleaning your vibrator, discontinue use immediately and contact a physician. Warts and rashes can spread extremely quickly and may potentially be life threatening.

A common mistake most novice doll users make is not rinsing right away after cleaning. Most of us have the urge to get rid of all traces of wetness right away; however, doing this could prolong the lifespan of your vibrator. If you want to prolong the luster of your vibrator and prevent premature wearing down, take a minute or two to rinse out the vagina with cool water and then dry with a towel. This will allow you to fully remove any trace of moisture that might cling to the inner walls of the vagina.

Carefully examine the vibrator to make sure no damage has occurred during cleaning. You can often tell how clean or dirty a toy is just by looking at it. The dust can collect in tiny crevices that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. Proper care and attention to detail when cleaning your sex dolls ensure greater longevity.

Once you’ve removed as much moisture as possible, it’s time to start cleaning. With a damp sponge, carefully wipe the entire surface of the vibrator. Make sure you use a gentle patting motion rather than a hard scrubbing motion to avoid causing abrasions to any finish surface. You may find it helpful to insert a moistened tissue into the vagina to catch any stray particles. Never apply rubbing alcohol or any other harsh chemicals to the surface of the vibrator while cleaning.

The next step in cleaning your sex dolls is to gently remove any excess lint or hair from the vagina. Again, if you’re using a soft bristle brush, gently pat the vibrator dry with a wet towel. You may need to gently brush some of the hair out of the orifices if there are any. If you find a hair in areas that aren’t easily reachable, you may consider using an anti-vibration pad to dampen the hair before moving on to the next area.

When finished, you’ll want to rinse the orifices thoroughly with clear, cool water. Never use an extremely hot or cold water. When rinsing the vagina, it’s best to use a cup or shower cap to keep the water from spilling all over the sheets. Once you’re sure the orifices are completely dry, gently hand-soap the surface of the vibrator and use a clean washcloth to gently pat the orifice until it feels solid again. Never use a scrubbing pad or rough towels to rub your vibrators dry.

You should now be able to insert your vibrator into your partner’s vagina. To increase the sensation, gently rub your clitoris against your partner’s vagina. Use gentle, light strokes. It is best to start at a slow pace and only if the feel of the toy is agreeable. After you feel comfortable with this, you may want to start using the vibrator gently and gradually increasing the speed as you progress.