Shipping & Returns


We know that our customers desire discretion when it comes to their individual matters. When choosing a shipping location, you are legally allowed to ship your doll to a licensed FedEx/DHL office for them to hold for you until you're ready to pick up your companion doll. However, we are legally forced by deception prevention laws to ship our stock to a confirmed billing address ONLY.
Once you've placed your order and the payment has been processed, production on your customized companion doll will be completed within the following 3 business days. If you opted to order a premade companion doll that is already stocked in our warehouses, you will receive your doll sooner.
To further accommodate our clients' desire for discretion, our companion dolls are shipped in huge unmarked packages using either FedEx or DHL.
It is order for customs agents to open and inspect packages during transport. Do not be alarmed if your package seems to have been opened then resealed.
Our packages generally arrive after 14 days depending on location, weather conditions, or customs inspection delays.
If there is an unforeseeable delay in the production of your doll, we will contact you by e-mail with updates and report.
You will receive a tracking number to track your lady's journey to you after we ship her out from one of our warehouses.
Once your companion doll arrives on your doorstep in a nondescript box, you will need to sign for her to confirm that she has arrived home to you safe and well.
If you bought extra accessories with your companion doll, those may be shipped separately. If they are shipped separately, they could arrive earlier or later than your lady. Do not worry. Your lady and all of her belongings will arrive carefully.

 Ready to ship the doll

Shipping Exceptions

We do not ship dolls ordered in the United Kingdom or Norway that are under 125 cm.
We do not ship to Islamic countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa, Mexico, or Belgium due to import laws that make us unable to ship our products to these destinations.

Shipping Fees

We are proud to offer FREE SHIPPING throughout the 48 mainland United States, to Hawaii, and to Alaska.
For international orders, there will be a flat shipping fee of $85 except for the countries and regions listed below.


International Fee Exceptions:

There will be a $335 fee on orders that ship to the United Kingdom and France.
There will be a $350 fee on orders that ship to South America, the Caribbean, Russia, Estonia, and Singapore.

Customs Fees

Certain countries will charge a customs tax on products that are shipped into their country. This customs tax is based on the value of the products. Any customs tax or import fees applied to the package(s) are the sole responsibility of the buyer to pay.