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Vanessa is a TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) adult sex doll which is a much softer material than silicone and nicer to touch and feel. She has an amazing figure, big boobs, medium waist and a perfectly rounded ass for lifelike adult sex doll lovers. If you like Vanessa but would like to change something on her body then please use our adult sex doll builder.

Each Adult Sex Doll is fitted with a vagina (19cm), anal (17cm) and oral (15cm) orifices. They also have a full metal skeleton that enables the sex doll to be placed into various poses for your pleasure.

Love doll Vanessa is a high-class hooker. And you must to be really loaded to sleep with her. She is especially wonderful with all the right curves and moves. And as well is made from the very best TPE for an amazingly sensible experience. Blonde sex doll Vanessa is a pro with a few years in the game. To see her you must first make an appointment and it will cost you more than a pretty penny. Do the appointment and show up at sex doll Vanessa’s imposing flat. There, she will welcome you and serve you champagne and the best of finger-food. Love doll Vanessa will then continue to strip tease for you while the cake in your mouth threatens to choke you and your dick grows like it has received an electric shock.

Look at sex doll Vanessa as she first goes to her knees in front of you and rotates her hips and waist with her excellent cunt and ass wetly glistening and watching at you. Sex doll Vanessa will then move to throw herself on the sofa, get a vibrator from a nearby cupboard and use it to fuck her pussy. All while you avidly see and desperately try not to swallow your tongue. Watch sex doll, Vanessa, as she masturbates herself, feel her boobs and let out little moans that get your dick threatening to destroy your zipper. When you can’t bear it anymore you throw a last drink down your throat, take sex doll Vanessa up to the bedroom and proceed to show her how a bad girl must be punished. Tear sex doll Vanessa’s pussy apart. Bite her boobs and nipples. Plug her in the ass if you want. Then you zip up, pay her and go home. Just to come back the next day for more pussy-thrashing of sex doll Vanessa. And with a metal skeleton sex doll, Vanessa will do any sex position your dick needs it to. Sex doll Vanessa really rejuvenates your dick like nothing else and is to die for!


Height - 140cm 

Weight - 25Kg

Mouth - 12cm

Vagina - 16cm

Anal -  14cm


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